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So you’ve got some land? Whether it is 5 acres or 500 acres, you’re obviously going to want to make the most out of what you have. In recent times we have seen a huge change in the way landowners are maximising their land revenue. Within the event world we are seeing many new types of business pop up and not all ordinary, run of the mill ideas either. It doesn’t have to mean jumping in with an overnight change, choose a small parcel of land or a seasonal time of year to test the waters and see what works for you.

So what innovative steps could you take to diversify your fields, woods, paddocks and lakes?

Firstly start to think of ideas that are innovative and exciting but still line up with your values and principles.

If you have a young family or grandchildren look at what would attract like minded people to your land, family glamping with animal feeding, woodland trails or a seasonal maize maze may fit better with you than hosting a dance music festival.

There are a lot of ways to maximise your land revenue, offering an event in the quieter times of the year is often a good way to trial an idea and subsidise what is usually a down time for you anyway.

Things like hosting a festival, ball or fair on your land with simple attractions, food stalls, music, games and events.  These are all things which go down well with the general public, as it provides a nice local day or evening out for the price of an admission ticket.

Events also go down well when you pair them off with some seasonal theme too. If it’s the height of Summer, then make it a roaring festival with live acts that play from afternoon through to the evening. If it’s the Autumn time, then amp up the ambience and make it a spooky half term fortnight. People are often found flocking to these kinds of events because it’s seasonal and appeals to the need to be doing something on days such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter or the height of summer.

Of course, it may also be quite a concerning thought to try and manage events of this scale. It’s usually done by professional organisations, right? No, you can do it too, there is loads of information out there, with plenty of tips and guidance.

Of course Bootkitbee can help you with a swift and easy platform to implement and manage your ticket sales and bookings.  Our system is designed to allow anyone to coordinate and sell tickets for events of any size, and has all kinds of add-on services (including customer service & insurance) which allows for a seamless operation from start to finish, meaning that you can easily create an event and follow it through.

Overall, creating events which can help to maximise your land revenue is something which is a relatively easy task when you consider the sheer number of options which are available for you to choose from.  Whether it be tourist accommodation like shepherd huts and yurts, or an activity based idea like off road cycling track, seasonal fishing, dragon boat race or even a murder mystery event set in the grounds of your country house, there’s a lot of different things which you can tap into.

Diversification is one of the critical paths to success, move forward, adapt and change to stay ahead of the game and keep life interesting!