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So you’ve had your event, everything went swimmingly, pats on the back all round, now time to take a breath, sit back and relax until next year - NO!!  Now is the time to keep attendees engaged through social media so you remain on their radar. Even with an annual event, there are still a million ways you can maintain and grow your online audience all year round. Try our simple tips below and watch your followers grow in time for next years event.

1. Remind them of your event through photos.

Post-event when the interest is high publish an event recap and share photos or videos from your event. Hopefully you will have planned ahead and had a fab photographer capturing key moments of your event allowing you to relay the excitement to your attendees and those that missed out. When you publish photos on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter make sure you send out links in post-event emails to encourage interactions and sharing. Encourage attendees to retweet or tag themselves and their friends so the photos will show up to their network of friends.

2. Use what you know, to connect with them on another level.

When bringing people together for shared events, it is more than likely that they have other common interests. If you hosted a triathlon, it’s safe to assume your community likes being challenged and active. Using that as a starting point,  consider other areas that your community might be interested in. Things like: training plans, essential pre and post workout stretches, running playlists, recommended pre-and post-race meals, links to any early bird ticketing to your next event. Throw them out there and see what gets the most engagement, then refine as you go along.

3. Cross promote with other events.

Keep an eye on other events, yes, even your competitors! Finding similar events that happen at different times of the year to yours can offer you a reason to talk to your audience. Reach out to other organisers and offer to promote to your community in return for them promoting your event to their community.  This win-win scenario means more content for you and an added boost to your marketing when it is time to get geared up for your event.

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