by Bookitbee Team on March 30, 2018

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Bubbling under the surface of the ticketing industry is the apparent increase of cancelled events or at least coverage of them.  From the high profile artists, Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, to the misplanned festivals, through to a range of smaller events affected by the increasingly unpredictable climate.

It only takes a quick flick through a news site to see that both journalists and readers are drawn to bad news.  We all love good news of course, but sudden disaster attracts our attraction more as it initiates a reaction within us, so when bad news hits your industry it spurs debate.

Kenton Ward, CEO at LIVE IT Group explains, “Trust plays a huge role when buying online and one of the biggest factors in taking that final click revolves around the clarity of the refund policy and knowing your purchase is a safe one.  The ticket buying audience have always been cautious due to rogue organisers and resellers, so the latest news is amplifying that sensitivity.

We were looking at ways to address this and came across Event Protect.  They were keen to evolve their product, so a new industry initiative to launch event cancellation insurance across LIVE IT Group and the Bookitbee brand was welcomed.  Together we worked out a level of protection that will benefit ticket holders and event organisers, yet remain affordable, and as such we are aiming to introduce this as a standard across all events on our system.”

All event organisers with Bookitbee have the option of including this level of cover creating an additional level of trust between the organiser and attendee.

2% on an individual ticket seems a small price to pay for piece of mind that you are protected.  For example buying a ticket to a firework display for £10, only attracts a 20p event cancellation fee, whereas investing £80 into your ticket would cost £1.60 to insure.

About Event Protect

Event Protect operate a global event insurance program underwritten by Lloyd’s of London Insurance Providers and due to the volume of transactions (tickets) that they cover, can now offer their product at this low percentage cost to Bookitbee customers.

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